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Friday, October 2, 2009

Spoon Me

Last night, I was at Marissa's house for Book Club when she began to set the table for dinner. On the menu for the evening? Soup. Hadley and I were sitting in the living room chatting, when Marissa interrupted and asked, "Mary Anna, do you want a big spoon or a small spoon? I know you're particular when it comes to your spoons."

"I am? Oh yeah, I am..."

You see, there's a big difference in the functionality of a big spoon versus a small spoon. Depending on the viscosity of a substance, either spoon may be employed. For instance, soup and cereal require a larger spoon, as to gain surface area for the liquid or substance (in my case, Cheerios or Frosted Mini Wheats) to rest. Inversely, a small spoon is necessary for foods like yogurt and ice cream, as smaller bites are required.

While the above paragraph describes the normal, everyday thoughts rolling around in my brain, I didn't realize others might also be privy to my neuroses. On one hand, I was pleased that a good friend of mine knows me so well that she thought to ask me what type of spoon I prefer. On the other hand, I wondered, am I really that weird?


Anonymous the Provident Woman said...

You're not weird. I have to have a big spoon for my soup. I never thought of having one for my cereal though. I'll have to try it.

1:00 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

This made me smile -- I miss you bunches and bunches!

9:10 AM


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